Our Philosophy

Hello there! We are a boutique-style wedding photo + video studio located in Old City, Philadelphia and available for travel world-wide. Photography is our passion and we couldn’t be more excited that you are considering us to be a part of such an amazing time in your lives. We have a dreamy, romantic aesthetic and a relaxed, photojournalistic approach. The guide below is full of information about what we do and how we work. It will take you through a step by step process of what to expect from our very first meeting to your wedding day and everything that follows after your wedding is over.
We work closely with you throughout the entire wedding process and provide you with personal attention, artistic direction and creative ideas to design an experience that is unique and fun. We know that each wedding day is unique and that every couple has their own vision, so everything in this guide can be customized.


Meeting You

We love to meet with you in person at our studio whenever possible. The initial meeting is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and discuss your vision for your wedding day. You can look through various sample albums and we will begin to jot down ideas, inspirations and locations for your photographs. It’s important to us that we both share the same vision for your wedding so that we can create photographs that are a reflection of your story.

Schedule & Details

Once you book our studio to document your wedding, we will send you a detailed wedding questionnaire which we will go over together as your date approaches. We will finalize the timeline, schedule and plan out all of our photo locations. We encourage you to fill out a family portrait list and tell us about any specific photo requests you may have for your wedding so we don’t miss anything.

Getting Ready

We love to start the day with the getting ready process. This is where the story of your day begins! There are so many amazing moments filled with anticipation and excitement. The main photographer always stay with the bride and the second photographer stays with the groom, so we are able to capture both stories at two different locations. This is also a great time for us to photograph the lovely details that you have spent so much time picking out and planning— shoes, dress, flowers, invitations, etc. We like to arrive about one hour before you put on your dress.

The “First Look”

Traditionally, couples would wait until the ceremony to see each other for the first time. Now days couples often decide that they want to see each other for the first time earlier in the day prior to the ceremony. This is completely up to you and it is a very personal decision. If you decide to see each other prior to your ceremony, we will pick a beautiful location for your first look. We will hang back while you see each other for the first time and document this very unobtrusively.
Seeing each other before the ceremony gives us the opportunity to take beautiful photographs of the two of you in various locations before your wedding officially begins, thus giving us more time together for photos. This also gives you both a moment in the day to be together alone. Not only does this give us more options for photographs and locations, but you are also able to enjoy the cocktail hour and reception without being pulled away for photos.
The first look can take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on whether you want to take photographs of just the two of you after you first see each other, or if you the bridal party to join you right away for group photos.

Couple & Bridal Party Photos

We combine creativity and spontaneity to create imagery that is artistic, natural and fun. It’s all about finding the light and capturing moments that transforms everyday life into something extraordinary.
We want you and the entire bridal party to have a good time, be yourselves and enjoy the moment. We want you to feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, so we will never make you look artificially posed or awkward in photos. Our goal is to bring out your personality and capture you in a fun, authentic way while being surrounded by friends, love and beautiful light.

Family Portraits

We know how important family is and how much it means to you that we photograph everyone together. Prior to your wedding day, we will ask you to write down a list of family portraits that you would like us to take. We will come up with a time and location together in advance so you can notify your family when and where group portraits will take place. Although this is the part of the day that is considered more formal and posed, we still have a fun approach and make sure your photographs look natural and beautiful. We like to get through this part of the day quickly and efficiently, so 30 to 45 is typically plenty of time.


The ceremony is the most intimate and emotional center point of your wedding. Love is the universal language of the world, no matter what your religion or spiritual background. We feel truly honored to be there to document such an important moment in your life. Having two photographers will allow us to capture key moments from various angels. We will capture your ceremony with attention to the smallest details completely unobtrusively, being as discrete as possible. We make sure to not be a distraction to you or your guests during the ceremony.

Cocktail Hour

During this time, the second photographer will photograph cocktail hour with a blend of candid photos and portraits. This is a great opportunity to capture your family and friends mingling, laughing, chatting and hanging out. The main photographer will use this time to photograph details and set up lighting for the reception.


As professionals, we move quickly and quietly throughout the night, photographing all of the key moments without constantly being ‘in’ the moments. We can’t stress enough how important this is! There is nothing worse than having an obtrusive team of photographers/videographers who stand right in the middle of the dance floor blocking everything and getting in everyone’s way.
We mostly use off camera lighting when photographing receptions. This allows us to be completely unobtrusive because there is no bright light firing from our camera, thus, we are not drawing attention to ourselves while taking photos. It also gives the photos a very unique look because off camera light is so beautiful. In addition to off camera light, we have cameras & lenses with amazing low light capabilities which allow us to shoot in very, very low light without using a flash at all.

After The Wedding

Time, attention and love are devoted to processing and editing each and every one of your photographs. All of this is done in studio by our professional team of editors and designers. Every image is edited, color corrected, processed and enhanced. All of your photographs are organized and categorized into folders of the day as the day unfolds ie. ‘Getting Ready’, ‘Ceremony’ etc. We go through all of the photographs and hand select our favorite images, the ones that are the strongest and best photos of the day. They have a narrative feel and are a great recap to the entire wedding day. The favorites are placed into a separate folder and do not repeat throughout the rest of the folders. All of your photographs are ready 5 weeks after your wedding.

Thumb-drive with High Resolution Images

Your will receive a Thumb-drive with all of your photographs as high resolution files. You own the printing rights to your images and can share and print your photographs anywhere you wish. Your thumb-drive will contain all of the images categorized into folders of the day as the day unfolds. The thumb-drive will have large-sized photos ready for print as well as all of your photos web re-sized so you can upload them directly to facebook and share them online.

Online Gallery

All of your photographs are uploaded to a private online image gallery that you can share with family and friends. Your gallery comes with a shopping cart so your friends and family can order prints and other fun products. Your online gallery stays active for 12 months.


There is something so timeless and special about holding photographs in your hands rather than just looking at them on a computer screen. In addition to your thumb-drive & online gallery, we will print all of your favorites as 5x7s. They are presented to you in a hand crafted, archival box. This is at no additional cost to you, it is part of the full day photo wedding collection. There are an average of 150 Favorites. If there are additional images you wish to have printed that are not part of the favorites, you can always print them on your own since you will have the thumb-drive with all of your photo files.


All of our albums are custom designed and come with a lifetime guarantee. You don’t have to worry about going through all of your wedding images and deciding which ones you want to use in your album. This process can be stressful and takes forever! We will pre-design your album with all of the favorite photographs from your wedding. Your album design will be uploaded to an interactive online gallery where you can make changes. Since all albums are custom designed, there is no extra charge for design changes or additional photographs. Choose from a variety of fun covers including leathers, suedes, silks and canvas photo covers. We offer both Flush-Mount and Matted Albums.