I grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia and was exposed to many cultures and lots of travel at an early age. My love for stories, adventures and people led me to photography.

My approach is a blend of documentary and fine art, with a dreamy aesthetic and an unobtrusive, editorial eye. My favorite photographs are often unscripted. I strive to create images that are honest and beautiful.

I pursued my passion for photography and film at Temple University and founded ASYA Photography in 2008. Documenting the stories and the love between couples gives me so much inspiration, fulfillment and joy.

Photographs hold a sense of magic and nostalgia: they help preserve the memories we share with our families and loved ones for generations. It’s an honor to witness the joining of two lives together surrounded by so much beauty, family and love.

When I am not taking pictures, I enjoy cooking for friends, practicing and teaching yoga and meditation, spending time in nature, discovering new places and exploring the world. In the winters you can find me in India or Mexico escaping the cold and working on personal photo projects. I live in Queen Village with my husband Jonathan and our daughter Nora.



Grace is a Philadelphia native who developed a passion for narrative photography at a young age. When she was 13, her mom gave her a Pentax K1000 and she was immediately drawn into the world of photography.

Always possessing an ability to connect with those she photographs, Grace uses her love of portraiture and photojournalism to create beautiful, artistic photographs that are full of emotion and spontaneity. Her discreet manner and intuitive nature allows her to document the fleeting moments throughout the day with a unique artistic approach.
Grace is currently a resident of West Philadelphia. When she is not at work or strolling the tree lined streets of her favorite Philadelphia neighborhood she is trying to hop on a train, a plane or into a car and take trips with friends to different corners of the world.



Jen is a born and raised Philadelphian who is always searching for the next great story to tell. A professional photographer for over 10 years she is attracted to the authenticity of capturing love and prides herself on curating a fantastic experience for her clients. Her images are intimate, whimsical and truly represent the people in front of her lens. A master organizer, she tries her best to help wedding days run smooth and feel carefree. Above all, she believes it is most important for couples to truly enjoy participating in their wedding day.

When Jen is not taking photos she can be found planning her next big trip adventure, instragraming photos of her poodle Pepper, hosting lavish pot luck dinner parties, or binge watching Netflix. She translates her love for any kind of spontaneity and adventure into her day to day and loves being fully absorbed in it all.



Bethany grew up in upstate New York and loves the great outdoors. She creates images that capture the essence of your wedding day by combining a photojournalistic approach with fine art concepts. She is both unobtrusive and laid back, and her talents truly shine when it comes to candid pictures. She cares deeply about each and every couple she works with and finds great meaning in creating photos that will be cherished for a lifetime.

When not shooting weddings you can find her traveling the world and shooting festivals and live music. At home she loves to surround herself with nature and continually add to her plant collection. Terrariums are her favorite!



Sam was born and raised in North Eastern PA and moved to Philadelphia to pursue a degree in photography 10 years ago. Her style is very natural. Her sweet and kind nature allows her couples to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Her approach is discrete and unobtrusive; she will give you direction but never pose you in ways that feel stiff. Not only does she capture all of the distinctly significant parts of the wedding day, but she’s always on the lookout for those candid in-between moments as well. In addition to joining our team as a photographer, Sam has been our studio editor for the past 3 years.

Sam currently lives in NJ with her boyfriend Zach and their temperamental tuxedo cat. When Sam isn’t shooting, editing, or trying to win over her cat’s affection, she enjoys listening to podcasts, eating tacos, and laughing at her own jokes.



Zach is a native Philadelphian and professional photographer with nearly ten years of experience. His priority is to keep couples comfortable which allows him to document images in an unobtrusive, fun and artistic fashion.  He is drawn to capture moments, not create them and genuine loving moments  drive his photographic passion.

He is a lover of black & white photos, chicken fingers, giving random dogs he sees names, his Fuji x100, and pretending like there’s nothing to fix in his house. Once, upon randomly meeting Richard Simmonds, he was told he had the most beautiful red hair. He also has an eerie resemblance to Vincent Van Gogh. Zach is quirky and likes to add fun energy to wedding days and his own daily life.



Born and raised in Philadelphia, Chloe has always had an interest in photography. Her photojournalism experience stems from her time as a newspaper photojournalist at Penn State, as well as post-grad working for regional newspapers in the Philadelphia area. Her unique journalism perspective allows her to pursue weddings while capturing the night as it truly unfolds, with a focus on the couple and all of the little unexpected and special moments of a wedding.

Chloe loves photojournalism because she believes capturing the unnoticed intimate moments of everyday life is important and meaningful. She loves seeing the world through a camera, and is always working to capture her subjects’ personalities with her images.

In her free time, Chloe enjoys tending to her plants, staying active, listening to podcasts and music, drinking coffee, and volunteering for her local SPCA.


Darby grew up in Bucks County, PA and recently made the move to Philadelphia’s Main Line. Ever since she was young, Darby has been fascinated with uncovering people’s truest stories either through a heart to heart or photography. While capturing the love and light of others, Darby developed a light-hearted approach that emphasizes on connection, authenticity, and a whole lot of fun. On wedding days, Darby strives to capture the in-between intimate moments that uncover the raw and real story behind her couples.

When she doesn’t have a camera in her hand, you can find Darby at a local mom and pop coffee shop, thrifting for hidden treasures, hiking on a new trail, or attending any concert that comes to town.



Luke is both a cinematographer and musician. He moved to Philadelphia from NJ to pursue a degree in music business and audio engineering at the University of the Arts. Luke has always had an affinity for capturing those in-between, unscripted moments of pure love and joy. Luke has developed a style of filmmaking which is both music and narrative driven. His approach is unobtrusive and cinematic. When Luke is not documenting weddings, he is practicing jiu-jitsu, writing and singing music, and boxing.